You dream it . We make it.

Case Study: Rentokil Bait Station and Rat Trap

Phase 1:
The Big Idea

The process begins with an idea. In this case, the customer (Rentokil) wanted to create a bait-station and rat trap that was effective as well as safe to use around other animals and children.

After the initial discussion a sketch of the product is drawn up to give the customer a basic idea of what their product will look like and how it'll work.

Phase 2:
Computer Aided Design

Once our customer has approved the initial design, we take the sketch and create a 3-D Part Model drawing. This is where the idea starts to take shape before the next phase. This 3-dimensional printed model allows the customer a better understanding of the look and feel of the product and so that any changes can be communicated effectively.



Phase 3:

This is where we get to see what the FINAL product will look like and if any final changes need to be made. This is the most cost-effective way for the customer to experience their product in its entirety and still be able to make changes if necessary. It’s in this phase that marketing of the product can begin.



Phase 4:
Tool Making

In phase 4 we create the mould to produce your product.



Phase 5:

Depending on budget constraints and the nature of the project, we can either either use recycled plastics or if the request is more specific we can then use a higher grade plastic thats more durable.